Gavin Clark
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Silent Movies

I have had DVDs where some of the audio doesn't work, usually one or more of the extra features, but I rented one today where the movie itself has no sound. After fiddling with every setting I could find I gave up and watched it on my laptop! (VLC Baby!)

So I've been doing research... I think it is the "Dolby Digital Mono" audio encoding. My Daewoo p480 can't handle it, which totally blows because in all other ways this cheap little bastard rocks.

Here is something you can try:

The unit has a "spdif/raw" setting which allows your stereo or surround system to decode the dolby. Hook it up with the digital audio out.

I don't have the equipment to try this myself. I think my stereo may do it but I don't have a cable.

Hope this helps somebody