Gavin Clark
OK so the bad guys have returned...
What it is with the what it be.
Weird Shit
A Classic Maneuver
I actually fell through the floor today. I was installing a new floor and when I hit the nail tool my foot slipped on the new flooring. It slid right into an open heating vent in the floor and down through the cieling below. My leg went through to past the knee and was trapped in the tight hole. Luckily I didn't break any bones but pulling my leg out was like getting a tight ring off a finger with a big knuckle. I have several very nice bruses, swollen bits, and assorted raspberries.

The celing has a giant hole in it.

Pix soon!
Friends and enemies
I've been adding some privacy controls and thinking about who can see a post and comment on it.
It struck me that 'groups' wasn't granular enough and that led me to the idea of having a list of 'friends'.

You choose to add someone to your friends list, then you can restrict a post to members on that list. It is a one to many xref table.

So the new privacy options are public, members only (any member in a group set to view_members_only_posts), friends only (members on your list), and private (only the author can see it, no comments).

There is a param for 'levels' of friends , this could allow some friends to be more in than others. Not sure I'll use it.
Cassini Green
Cassini is set to pass within 745 miles (1,200 kms) of Titan's surface at about 12:45 p.m. (18:45 GMT) Tuesday, in the closest pass ever to the mysterious icy moon, whose atmosphere scientists have likened to a primordial Earth.