Gavin Clark
OK so the bad guys have returned...
What it is with the what it be.
Car Talk
Thieving Bastards!
My car was broken into today at Greenlake. They took my cell phone from the console compartment and a drill out of the trunk. The good news is that there was no damage to the car.


Seattle PD is so helpful

test 7
Car Vs. Telephone Pole
The huge crashing noise right before my power went out turned out to be a car that plowed right through a phone pole accross the street from me.

The lower half of the pole completely disintegrated!

The driver was in good shape, considering.

See the amazing photos!

Killing Spam
Added some traps to keep the spam out of the guestbook. Bastards. There are a couple new words in the kill list and I turned up the security settings so new posts require me to activate them. I may get annoyed by the penis pill drug pushing poker dorks, but you won't
A Reef Comparison
To stretch a genetic analogy about species diversity: you can visualize the Mac market as a southern reef full of brightly colored varieties and the Wintel market as an Arctic deep populated almost entirely by nearly invisible plankton and a few whales.

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Can I change this after I post it?

As much as I want.