Gavin Clark
OK so the bad guys have returned...
What it is with the what it be.
Of course I have a blog!
Thieving Bastards!
My car was broken into today at Greenlake. They took my cell phone from the console compartment and a drill out of the trunk. The good news is that there was no damage to the car.


Seattle PD is so helpful

Good guys win!
Ha ha! No more prohibition era communist style liquor stores. I can't believe it got done. It's giving me a great big Democracy bone.

Check it out

test 7
A Classic Maneuver
I actually fell through the floor today. I was installing a new floor and when I hit the nail tool my foot slipped on the new flooring. It slid right into an open heating vent in the floor and down through the cieling below. My leg went through to past the knee and was trapped in the tight hole. Luckily I didn't break any bones but pulling my leg out was like getting a tight ring off a finger with a big knuckle. I have several very nice bruses, swollen bits, and assorted raspberries.

The celing has a giant hole in it.

Pix soon!
Car Vs. Telephone Pole
The huge crashing noise right before my power went out turned out to be a car that plowed right through a phone pole accross the street from me.

The lower half of the pole completely disintegrated!

The driver was in good shape, considering.

See the amazing photos!

Superbowl sucks this year so I skipped it.
Silent Movies

I have had DVDs where some of the audio doesn't work, usually one or more of the extra features, but I rented one today where the movie itself has no sound. After fiddling with every setting I could find I gave up and watched it on my laptop! (VLC Baby!)


More Spam Fighting
I've added another layer to the spam filtering in the guestbook. Some spam does manage to get past the kill word filter so the new trick is to look for identical entries in the database before adding an entry, even across websites. So one person may get some junk, but the next 30 attempts will be blocked as the spammer works his way through the various web sites.

The new thing in spam is to put junk in peoples guestbooks, bastards. They simply look up the term "guestbook" on google for a list of possible targets. Some of the spammers use a script that fills out the form automatically, but some are actually entered by hand usually by someone in mexico or pakistan.
Killing Spam
Added some traps to keep the spam out of the guestbook. Bastards. There are a couple new words in the kill list and I turned up the security settings so new posts require me to activate them. I may get annoyed by the penis pill drug pushing poker dorks, but you won't
Hey, new theme
So I created a new theme. It's simple and clean. I like it so far - going to kick the tires a bit and then roll it out in a few colors.
Friends and enemies
I've been adding some privacy controls and thinking about who can see a post and comment on it.
It struck me that 'groups' wasn't granular enough and that led me to the idea of having a list of 'friends'.

You choose to add someone to your friends list, then you can restrict a post to members on that list. It is a one to many xref table.

So the new privacy options are public, members only (any member in a group set to view_members_only_posts), friends only (members on your list), and private (only the author can see it, no comments).

There is a param for 'levels' of friends , this could allow some friends to be more in than others. Not sure I'll use it.
Bug hunting
This blog system is generally working now but you never know what's lurking so maybe I'll actually have to use this thing.

Several people are using it now without complaint but after 5 minutes of use I found three or four things that need changing.

  • Status pop up has an odd value in the list. Nobody noticed.

  • You can't delete a post yet. This is why I'm here in the first place today.

  • I really need to get the photo upload feature working.

  • Time for a couple more layout options. CSS only gets you so far.
  • A Reef Comparison
    To stretch a genetic analogy about species diversity: you can visualize the Mac market as a southern reef full of brightly colored varieties and the Wintel market as an Arctic deep populated almost entirely by nearly invisible plankton and a few whales.

    Story at

    Can I change this after I post it?

    As much as I want.
    Cassini Green
    Cassini is set to pass within 745 miles (1,200 kms) of Titan's surface at about 12:45 p.m. (18:45 GMT) Tuesday, in the closest pass ever to the mysterious icy moon, whose atmosphere scientists have likened to a primordial Earth.