Gavin Clark
OK so the bad guys have returned...
What it is with the what it be.
Thieving Bastards!
My car was broken into today at Greenlake. They took my cell phone from the console compartment and a drill out of the trunk. The good news is that there was no damage to the car.

They must have popped the door with a slim jim or some stick to pull the lock through the crack in the window.

The joke's on them, my cell phone was a complete piece of crap that I have been planning to replace for months now. I get free minutes on the weekend plus free long distance so no problems with charges. Also, I had verizon disconnect it within an hour and it only had about 6 minutes of battery left anyway. Ha!

The drill was not only a cheap-o that I can replace for $20, but also a spare. They did get my good phillips head bit.

It would have been worse if they took my cooler and several freezer packs. I still had cold drinks when I got back!

So all in all - not that big a deal.

Seattle PD is so helpful